Employee Story | Rajashri Phapale

Employee Story | Rajashri Phapale

CoreView Employee story-Rajashri Phapale

After a long career gap, I was very concerned about my comeback…

Last Monday I came across a post about regaining the momentum by our CEO @Makarand.where he stated the importance of regaining momentum in life. It made me think about my journey.

Not long ago, I was worried about my career choices to return to the workforce. Taking a digital marketing course was a good first step, but not enough. Finding a job is way tough for a fresher in any field, so I was quite concerned.
Fast forward today, I am confidently handling the digital marketing activities for which I got praised by my senior management.
In the beginning, I was stumbling around thousands of questions while doing my first assignment. It’s said that a good team and great mentor help you to overcome your fear and the same happened with me.
That was my first small achievement of contributing to CoreView.
Since that day I can see changes in myself professionally as well as personally. My role in CoreView allows me to follow my Passion and appreciate my learning attitude. The exposure and the experience I have gained here really helped me to grow myself.

The support and encouragement I have received from everyone are phenomenal and I can’t be grateful enough for the trust that everyone showed.

In the end, I just want to say that No matter where are you in life what do you just need is proper guidance and passion to regain momentum in your careerWhat was the life-changing moment in your life that helped you to pickup the momentum to go to the next level?

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