Software Product Engineering

Software Product Engineering

Independent software vendors must keep innovating, building new products to grow.

Oftentimes, this means that the ISV must look for external assistance to either complement their team or to build a product from scratch.

AI, ML & Data Science

We leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, to un-silo data & systems across your operations. This gives you significant automation & insights into your most critical business priorities, ensuring that your data works for your business when you need it.

Our expert data scientists help you to

  • Take control of Own Data
  • Improve business decisions, processes, products
  • Bundle data & products to deliver value to the customer
  • Create new business opportunities by way of Data Services
  • Generate Better ROI on their data strategy

Data Engineering

Data Engineering services at CoreView cover all the Business, Financial and Technical drivers.

This is a proven model to make your data Smart, Secure & unravel interesting trends like product usage patterns, marketing-sales projections backed by solid data.

CoreView’s Data engineering helps

  • Identify Data Risks towards business goals
  • Formulate Data Governance & its IT roadmap
  • Leverage Data Management best practices
  • Implement optimal Data Management

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Data Strategy: A strategic asset

The buzz created around AI, ML is finally helping companies of all sizes to increase their revenue, OR reduce their costs.
CoreView had an opportunity to develop ML-based business solutions for a variety of small and mid-sized customers across industries and functions like Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Services …to name a few.

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Selling Knowledge Graphs – The Exciting Journey towards the unknown.

“The Journey is the Destination“… I could not find the Zen proverb fitting to a technology solution so well till now as it fits Knowledge Graphs. I won’t get into what is a Knowledge graph, because there are tons of articles on the web that explain it in easy ways.

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Dashboards To Data Stories… The Inevitable shift

Imagine you are a high-flying sales executive of a big telecom company providing communication and networking solutions to 100s of thousands of businesses as customers. You are staring at this massive screen, which has an information-packed dashboard.

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