Dashboards To Data Stories… The Inevitable shift

Dashboards To Data Stories… The Inevitable shift

Dashboards to Data Stories: The inevitable shift

Imagine you are a high-flying sales executive of a big telecom company providing communication and networking solutions to 100s of thousands of businesses as customers.

You are staring at this massive screen, which has an information-packed dashboard. The dashboard is packed with all kinds of graphs, maps, charts, infographics representing valuable information from various sources of data like financial data, service tickets, emails, phone calls, etc … from various departments inside your organization.

Keeping track of this large number of customers, to ensure increased revenues, less churn, and new acquisitions is easier said than done. You need such informative dashboards at your disposal.

You still need to understand all of this information in separate sections of the dashboard, co-relate it, map some parameters to understand predictions. This requires cognitive bandwidth and time. This could mean delayed and less effective decision-making.

Blip! Change the scenario.

Now imagine you are the same executive, but now instead of the dashboard you get a small, concise 1 pager report in your inbox, in plain English saying

– Focus the next two quarters on the west zone, for an increase in 15-20% of quarterly sales

<Story – Inferences, Actionable, Recommendations >

– Offer 3-5% discounts on available bandwidth in X offering to acquire, 8-10% growth revenue

<Story – Inferences, Actionable, Recommendations >

– Focus on the following list of customers, the possibility of churn in 3 – 6 months

Cust1, Cust2, Cust3 …. CustX

<Story – Inferences, Actionable, Recommendations >

! Now, You know exactly what to do, what decisions to take, when to take.

Easy to consume, directly tells a story that you can comprehend, consume and act upon.

This shift in user experience will happen. It’s inevitable.

Business people struggle to know which insights to act on.

Modern analytics and business intelligence platforms, insights are not co-related and contextualized, easily consumable, or actionable by the majority of users.

Business people will soon expect AI/ML to tell them the stories hidden in their raw data, rather than paint them pretty dashboards with numbers, technical graphs.

There are many such examples of info-packed dashboards which can be replaced/complemented by human-readable, contextual, and actionable data stories.

@CoreView is an early adopter in bringing in this change. We are working with multiple companies in the Cybersecurity, Marketing, Telecom, Financial industry to bring out the data stories as outcomes of the AI/ML solutions.

The shift has already started, are you taking the advantage of it?

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