Technology Integration

Technology Integration

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#TechnologyIntegration is not just a buzzword anymore, but a key to rapid software product #development.
How much code can you write yourself? The best code written ever is #nocodee“, because every time one writes a new line of code it has possibilities of having #bugs.

In CoreView we have built hundreds of products and solutions that integrate well with existing third-party solutions. Many years ago, we started with #MWS integration and very recently we completed slack integration in a product that we are working on.

Though such integrations help us to leap ahead faster, it comes with its own challenges. Security of #data and #authentication are the most important ones, but those related to #API versioning are much more challenging. Let it be an open-source software or a paid one, newer versions keep popping up every now and then. And there are times when you are forced to move to a newer version either due to #security issues or because the old existing version is going out of support.

Any software that is developed recently must have a #strategy for integrations. Isn’t it? Otherwise soon it will run into #challenges.

When you select a software #vendor, do you really look for this ability?

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