Employee Story – Pranav Nerlekar

  After completing my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications I joined Coreview as a #fresher, as a #Tester 🙂 Yup, I switched my field and it completely changed my life. My family members are also in the IT Industry, so family support was a given and this #opportunity at Coreview was a game-changer for me. Having been in this role … Continued

Employee Story – Chandrakala

  I joined #CoreView as an expert Technical Recruiter. I was pleasantly surprised when I was presented with much wider roles and opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Other than the regular interactions that I was used to doing, I started to interact with technical panel members, connect with consultants, take care of walk-in drives … Continued

Employee Story – Nihar

  “You also have to be a good #researcher to be a good #datascientist.” I didn’t know this 2 years ago, in fact, I had no #experience as a Data Scientist back then. CoreView helped me by giving relevant #training and assigning relevant #projects. These projects were not easy, they were very challenging but it improved my #technical competence. The best part is when you … Continued

New Employee Story – Rajnandini

  Who would have thought that within 2 weeks of joining I’d start loving this company!? Coreview is a great place to work. I feel so #lucky to be getting this opportunity because I know for a fact that working with Coreview will help me grow professionally and technically. The entire #interview process was pretty fast and smooth, thanks … Continued

Employee Story – Arjun

  Since the beginning of my career, I have always worked very hard and taken up #challenges individually. The work in CoreView provides me so many technical challenges and a lot of #opportunities to improve myself. I have handled #development work on multiple platforms simultaneously. Such challenges molded me into someone who can handle #pressure and #deliver the #best. One of the most important things that … Continued

Employee Story – Swapnil

  Having completed 10 years at Coreview, I can probably write a #book to tell about my #journey so far. It has been quite fulfilling and fantastic. But let’s keep it short. In one line – Coreview provided me with a #workplace that fostered my #ideas, my expertise, and my personal #skills so much that today I work across multiple platforms and departments to … Continued

Employee Story – Meghna

  Any company gives you an #opportunity to work in the role you want. A great company sees your #potential, takes you in, and guides you to become someone you dreamt of.? Coreview has been that great company for me. They saw what I was #capable of and took a chance on me. Switching from #engineering to #marketing with almost no experience is not … Continued

Employee Story – Shreyas

  I had almost three years of experience prior to joining Coreview. However, inside CoreView I have grown so much professionally just in one year’s time! Thanks to the #management‘s #encouragement to learn and explore new things. In this year’s time, I got to work on different and interesting #AI/#ML projects. The best part is that you get to work … Continued

Employee Story – Pankaj

  If you have the #passion to #learn… work at CoreView! One can grow professionally and personally if they take advantage of the open #culture and the flat hierarchy. I joined as a #fresher and have been a part of the Coreview family for 5 years. Even though I was a fresher and my skill set was limited to Java, I was … Continued

Employee Story – Babasaheb

  Looking back at the 2 years I have spent at Coreview, I realize how far I have come. I started off as a #fresher and didn’t have a solid background. But Coreview provided me with an #opportunity to prove myself. They honed my skills and #groomed me professionally. I have worked on interesting projects to date and with the changing … Continued