Welcome to Coreview Systems

We’re at a turning point in the way we design and develop future companies. Early information is power, and tools to get us there have never been more accessible.

Started in 2011

In the education capital of India, Pune by a group of experienced technology professionals on the application of technology to solve critical business problems.

By providing better product performance and reduced defect density through the optimal number of lines of code. Bloated code reduces performance and increases defect densities and needlessly increases project duration on account of testing.

By staying on the job till the switch is turned on and the project fully deployed.

By providing new lines of business or revenue to the partner through resources, expertise, or new product ideas.

Team Leadership

Makarand Vaidya

Founder, CEO

Leader and founder of CoreView systems, a SaaS and Cloud-based product company – led successful engineering launch of TokenJunction.

Led multiple start-ups from inception to successful exit. Built teams from grounds up to staff entire company including product engineering, operations, sales and marketing.

Setup and established offshore services business unit of a multi-national manufacturing conglomerate.


Abhay Ranade

Founder, Director

Devised innovative methodologies to improve test effectiveness. Configured test planning and reporting open source tools to provide a reduction in testing time and precise product status reporting.

Led test process maturity efforts in support of enterprise CMM initiative, achieving target CMM level. Constituted a Centre of Excellence cross-platform testing of mobile solutions.


Sudhanwa Rajurkar

Founder, Director

Architected a high-performance foundation, optimized to support high data volumes with rapid storage growth to support audit, security, and performance needs.

Engineered integration of Amazon’s Marketing Web Services (MWS) and customer’s legacy platform using J2EE via Cloud.

Led engineering of SAAS/Cloud-based, service management platform, created Tablet and Handheld service management consoles running on iOS and Android for a thin footprint deployment.


Our Work Culture

Who We Are

In CoreView Growth begins when you accept a new challenge.
There is a limit on how much an individual can get done, and the result of the Sum is always greater than the individual. We believe in working together as a team to achieve personal and professional growth.

We enjoy many advantages since we have a flat hierarchy at Coreview. Like, everyone is so comfortable with each other, we make quick decisions, we can innovate more, and also communicate effectively.

If you are someone who aspires to prove your capabilities and talents by accepting new challenges and likes to work in an open-minded culture that helps you grow, welcome to CoreView!