The Rise of the Future CIO – Part I

  The Rise of the Future CIO – Part I From Batman To Superman : The changing role of CIOs in the Modern World. “The Batman Begins….” Was an instant reaction by a CTO when I asked him “What do you think about your role in the changing world?” And so true, once a Superhero … Continued

Monolith to Microservices – A Journey

Monolith to Microservices – A Journey Overview Microservices is a buzzword today. Having experienced the drawbacks of monolithic applications, everyone looks forward to microservices for rescue.  Many times, as a quick solution, the big monolith is divided randomly into a set of small services. However, designing microservices is not just about limiting the size of … Continued

Active Directory Programming with Python – Flask API

Active Directory Programming with Python – Flask API Introduction In today’s world Active Directory is widely used in the IT industry for binding together people with resources like computers in an organization, in a secure way. In this document, I’m going to elaborate my experiments with Active Directory, from a programmer and Active Directory Administrator’s … Continued

3 factors for successful Data Science Projects

3 factors for successful Data Science Projects   According to Gartner 60% of Data Science projects fail. Some others have estimated much higher failure rates and can be up to 85%.   Well, the key is to understand what it takes to be in the remaining 15%. Isn’t it?   Based on our own experience, … Continued

5 AI ML trends for 2020 and their Impact

5 AI ML trends to look out for in 2020 There is a rapid increase in the demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in every field, be it Security or Automotives. Here are a few trends we think you should look out for!   1) AI Systems for Security Quick Detection of new Viruses … Continued

How to Create Graphs for Similar Entity Search

How to Create Graphs for Similar Entity Search We demonstrate the application of graphs for data analysis and similar entity searches based on the connections. The interest in graph algorithms has increased tremendously as they are explicitly developed to gain insights from the connected data. Analytics on graphs can uncover the workings of sophisticated systems … Continued

Service Discovery using Spring Eureka

Service Discovery using Spring Eureka In the last blog we talked about what microservices is. In this blog we will learn about how services are created and communicate (Service Discovery) using Eureka.   How do services communicate? After creating a few services it’s important that they communicate. You obviously cannot hardcode the URL. With cloud … Continued

What is Microservices Architecture? 

What is Microservices Architecture? These days a lot of attention is being gained by microservices architecture pattern. A lot of companies are supporting and moving towards microservices because of the ease of development and deployment effort for microservices architecture based applications. I recently finished working on one such interesting project and would love to share … Continued

How to build HTTP REST APIs with AWS + Serverless Framework

Use case  In this walk through, I’ll be showing you how to build and deploy REST APIs using Serverless Framework and Amazon Web Services.  In this use case we will be building REST APIs to get temperature information of the city requested by client. These APIs will fetch data from free weather APIs provided by … Continued

Tutorial of Data Analysis in Python + Jupyter Notebook

“Torture the data, and it will confess” — Ronald Coase   You’ve probably heard “Data is the new oil”.   Yes, in the 19th century the industrial revolution happened because of oil. Similar industrial revolution is happening in the 21st century because of data and Data Analysis is a key aspect of this revolution. In … Continued