Goal, not the Technology

  Technology plays a crucial role in solving the problem, but just the knowledge of technology is never good enough. Recently came across a discussion on Linked In, focusing on the rapid changes in technology as well as emergence of newer technologies. The rapid pace makes it impossible to know each and every change around … Continued


“You cannot build a tower, building one floor at a time.” I was talking about real towers and not those in the game of blocks. During my mentoring session with an upcoming CEO, we were discussing about a product that has a huge scaling potential. “Building a tower requires a solid foundation, strong infrastructure, various … Continued

Dashboards To Data Stories… The Inevitable shift

Imagine you are a high flying sales executive of a big telecom company providing communication and networking solutions to 100s of thousands of businesses as customers. You are staring at this massive screen, which has an information packed dashboard. Dashboard is packed with all kinds of graphs, maps, charts, infographics representing valuable information from various … Continued

Updates… Updates!!

  Daily? Weekly?… How often would you like to get a #status update? A #weekly update is a common practice that is followed by project groups. A status report submitted within the team is a good practice, for the knowledge of #team members. However, when #customers frequently get email updates, they end up being unread. So, what is the right #time to update your customer … Continued


  “Hey, how do I go and speak to the #CEO?” Asked a new joiner “Oh it’s not a big deal, just check that he is not busy, knock on the door and you’ll be let in!” “But… he is the CEO! Should I speak to someone else?” “Haha, it’s not required! We have a flat #hierarchy, … Continued

Be The Change

  In this world full of uncertainty and fierce competition, everyone in the organization needs to be #responsive. Being responsive means ability to change your direction / actions based on changing #environment. It requires being #aware of the changes, and also includes making other team members aware of what has changed. A natural next step for reacting to change … Continued

Always keep Users in Mind

  Today we completed a month in new office. It has been #refreshing to be in the new place. We started #interacting with each other as earlier. With any new thing, there are challenges, however we have planned many things ahead of time to reduce the pain. Before we signed up for the place, we had evaluated many options. … Continued

Employee Story – Pranav Nerlekar

  After completing my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications I joined Coreview as a #fresher, as a #Tester 🙂 Yup, I switched my field and it completely changed my life. My family members are also in the IT Industry, so family support was a given and this #opportunity at Coreview was a game-changer for me. Having been in this role … Continued

National Safety Week

  The week of March 4th to March 11th every year is celebrated as National #Safety Week in India for last fifty years. The concept of #industrial safety evolved much before the software industry. As a result, the efforts are majorly focused on personal safety during work. This year the focus is on road safety and it involves a … Continued