Employee Achievement | Abhishek Maurya

Employee Achievement | Abhishek Maurya

API response-Employee Achievement
Just a moment before I was about to start writing the code, I remembered the golden advice by our CEO Makarand.
“Before you do it, check if someone else has already invented that wheel.”
I held my horses and decided to take a look again, as I proceeded to optimize the code, calling for multiple APIs. Here is what has happened.
So there was this API that would access the Siemens Mindsphere platform to get data from different PLCs, which were located on a fish farm. The PLCs were connected remotely, so they had raw data. There was some logic written on the server-side to process the data, and as time went on, it took longer to process the data.

In the worst case, it took 20-25 seconds to serve the different API requests pertaining to Time series data. To determine what was causing this delay, I went through the data processing logic and also went through the Developer document for Mindsphere Time Series API to understand how things are wired, then I got to know that we don’t have to do all the data processing by ourselves some data is already pre-processed and stored on Mindsphere.

In order to reduce API response time, I reviewed the API calls made to our database and made them as specific as possible. I also altered data processing methods which brought down the response time to 8 seconds in worst cases and less than 4 seconds in best cases.

Since the advent of computing, we have been optimizing software performance over time. We have achieved the desired results in a lesser amount of time, haven’t we?

But sometimes we are so excited to ace the job, that we overlook the possibility of checking out existing solutions which might simply cut down most of our efforts and save our time. After all, Time is our best asset, and we should not forget to optimize it, right?

How do you ensure that you are not wasting time on re-inventing the wheel?

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