Employee achievement | Pravin Gadde

Employee achievement | Pravin Gadde

Employee Achievement

How will you create a beautiful-looking web application, without having a lot of knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

Many options are available. A large number of Content Management Platforms, promise simplicity. The simplicity ends soon after you log in. They have become fairly complex because of the features provided.

I was challenged to build a simple yet powerful tool, that will allow a specific set of users to pick up a simple template, and build their website contents without having the knowledge of the Web.

Before jumping into a full-fledged product, we looked into the core of the problem and decided to build a POC that could demonstrate the feasibility.

In our CMS, all the contents and styles are getting applied from JSON Objects. Sections of the page can be moved around, visibility of a section can be configured, and different themes can be applied by just picking and choosing to format. You could apply your own styles using simple English.

Based on the screen resolution, different Objects are created, allowing the site to be responsive.

The product can support multi-tenancy in a dynamic web application built in React JS and Node and it can be deployed on various hosting platforms.

It feels great when a lot of users are benefited from your efforts.

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