Significance of Test Automation in building scalable solutions

Significance of Test Automation in building scalable solutions

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Automation plays a very important role in product and project development. Delivering platforms and systems at a large scale is not possible without automation.

How do you get the confidence to host your system in production and expect it to face millions and billions of requests?

You need to have dedicated Automation architects working in a Shift-Left mode. Right from the requirements stage to identifying, designing, developing, and verifying the automation in time for it to be useful from day one.

Examples of ‘Extreme Automation’-

  • Generate huge amounts of test data for different load and data profiles.
  • Generate huge amounts of requests in minimal time to simulate massive concurrency.
    • This could easily mean setting up farms of JMeter or Tsung Nodes, which need additional management and automation.
  • Automated BVTs in your CICD pipelines for functional sanity and regressions.
  • Nightly automated performance and soak tests to detect daily progress and variations.
  • Daily automated performance tests and reports to analyze changes of everything going in the builds. It helps in the early detection of big deviations.
  • Automated reports result in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand fashion. On a daily basis, this saves a huge amount of time in analysis!
  • Monitoring, Capturing, and Analyzing of application system counters to verify resource utilization (CPU, Memory, IO, Caches, handles, etc)

The list goes on…

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