Is the Old way or New way better?

Is the Old way or New way better?

Old way or New way project delivery

“Manjiri, the client wants these reports urgently. They have an important meeting with the investors. They have come up with an interesting angle to present their case and need the reports done just right to strengthen their argument.”

“this visualization is interesting. We could use the new visualization tool that is capable and feed the data through the data lake we are building.  It should be ready by the end of next week.”

“They don’t have that much time. The meeting is in two days. Our visualization team is proficient in the old school reports builder, so let’s stick to that. Ask the Data engineer to do his SQL magic and pull the data out of our transaction database.” “Please give it to the team by this evening. I know there will be a back and forth on the colors used and the graph positioning so the report team will need time.”

I tried saying “then why are we even trying to build the lake, if we are still going to use the old mill?” but the phone had already gone dead.

I am sure you have faced this number of times.

We need a quick fix so we keep either reverting to the same old ways or adding more tweaks to existing system which is working on reboots and prayers.

Also not ready to go to newer – faster tools because of reasons like – why fix something that is not broken, we don’t want to learn new things, we are very invested in the old ways.

It is always good to stop and take stock. Show the willpower to stop applying band aids, and go for the much needed surgery.

Have you pushed and succeeded in doing such surgery?

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