Employee Story – Yogendra

Employee Story – Yogendra

CoreView Systems Pvt.ltd


How many people leave a company, and come back to it, happily? I have!?

I have completed 6 years at #coreviewsystems, during which I worked for another company for a brief period of time, but came back.

After I switched, I realized what CoreView was all about and why I enjoyed working at CoreView.

Coreview took me in as a #fresher, groomed me from nothing to the professional I am today.

Initially, I faced a lot of challenges but my team, #management support, and having an #attitude to learn helped me handle those situations.

We work as a family to achieve our targets, for which I consider myself very lucky.

Personally, I have become more accountable and manage my time much more effectively. Professionally I have developed a QA attitude along with a better ability to understand people, products and ask the right questions.

Apart from work, we also enjoy it a lot! We have sports events – mainly corporate cricket league, annual parties which not only refresh us but makes our bond grow stronger.

Because of the flexibility and responsibility, given to us while working with different teams and different domains, I can’t imagine working anywhere else. It’s really unique and will be forever grateful for the constant guidance CoreView’s #leadership team.

Yogendra Nikam

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