Opportunity Knocks only Once!

Opportunity Knocks only Once!

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Can you guess, a good time for an opportunity to show up at your door?

It’s an old story, I was just out from IIT. Getting a passport was tedious and traveling abroad was rare, I was asked by my manager to travel for a trade show in Russia.

It was an excellent opportunity to show off our high-performance computers, and an equally good one to network with high-profile customers.

It was a great opportunity but I had to pass it.

Not that I didn’t want to go or had something greater to do but unfortunately because I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a passport!

I never thought that a fresher will get an opportunity to travel abroad so didn’t even apply to get one. Alas! An Opportunity gone once is gone forever.

When faced with a similar situation, my friend Kamlesh was better prepared.

Kamlesh’s friend Sharad, was running a business in the middle east. Sharad needed to visit India for a long period. Unexpectedly he offered Kamlesh a fully paid trip to his place of business, offered a home to stay, and requested him to take care of the business for a month.

Kamlesh not only handled Sharad’s business but also set up his own. You never know when the next opportunity will knock.

Are you prepared for your next big opportunity?

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