Start now if you want to get it done!

Start now if you want to get it done!

Start Now to finish early

“Don’t perform tasks in sequence, when they can be done in parallel.”

I was talking to Manisha. She was planning for a company event.

“I have the list of people to invite. I am collecting and verifying their contact information. As soon as I have all the addresses available, I will send out all emails using mail merge.” Manisha explained her plan.

On the face of it, it looks very logical to send all invites in one shot. Isn’t it?

“Why don’t you start sending invitations to a small group of people, as soon as you have the verified address for them? That way you can start sending sooner. Also you will get a chance to add more people to the list, as you will get some declines.”

“Hmm.. I never thought of that, let me get going right away.” Was the response.

When I start moving towards the goal, the journey opens up more opportunities. Starting sooner is better than waiting for the right time. In other words “NOW” is the right time.

Have you faced this before?

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