Coordinating the project team

Coordinating the project team

coordinating project team


We need not emphasise why coordinating your team is THE important thing for success of your project, but the question is HOW?

Here are some quick steps that will ensure the leadership that the team is well orchestrated to achieve grand success.

Build Trust: Trust is the key to open communication. Once the trust is established, the members communicate about what is working as well as what is not working. Knowing about the risks early gives the leader time to manage the risks and unplanned obstacles better. So the leader should show trust in the team, and also reward the behavior that builds trust between the members and also across sub-teams like front and backend.  Once the communication starts happening freely, the teams start working in tandem.

Use of tools: Correct project management tools are the next step in coordination. The management tool should be visible to all and updated by the persons who are actually working on the tasks. Managers should also take time to configure the tool well, so that the relevant tasks, bugs, and bottlenecks are visible to the members as well as the leader.

Another tool that plays a major role in coordination is the collaboration tool, where the members can communicate easily, share documents, and schedule meetings.

Implement a framework for coordination: It could be Agile Scrum or Kanban or waterfall. Make sure that everyone in the team understands the principles of the framework and follows the processes regularly.

It is important that the decisions made, and changes happening are meticulously communicated to all the stakeholders, none are missed so that the coordination does not break.

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