Redefining Retail Shopping for shoppers with Physical Disabilities with Conversational AI

Redefining Retail Shopping for shoppers with Physical Disabilities with Conversational AI


Redefining Retail Shopping for shoppers with Physical disabilities with Conversational AI

Gone are the days of a text-heavy, static website or app. The digital transformation has seeped through all frontiers. But it does tend to leave an important part of our society and customer base behind. With businesses integrating more technology to help their customers, we have to create marketplaces that adapt to all users’ needs.

Retail Shopping for Shoppers with Physical Disabilities

61 million people in the US live with a disability. Over 10 million of these people are with mobility disability or self-care disability, with difficulty dressing or bathing. This is a market with some big numbers with yearly average sales of a customer standing at $1500, people with disabilities contribute to $90 billion in sales annually. This is a huge segment of the population that rarely finds shopping a pleasurable experience because of the barriers to access set up by the technology that retailers deploy. 

While caught in the rush of responding to fast-changing environments, it is easy to miss out on addressing the basic needs of people with disabilities while building systems and interfaces. Companies have dedicated teams to tick the accessibility standards boxes but miss the mark when they have customer engagement systems like standard chatbots or create restrictive shopping experiences.

Redefining Retail Shopping Experiences for Shoppers with Physical Disabilities

It is 2021, and retail shopping experiences still aren’t a breeze for people with disabilities when they should be. Here’s how CoreView can help you redefine retail shopping experiences for shoppers with physical disabilities.


  • Curbside Shopping 

Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store can be a nightmare. People with short stature may have problems reaching out to shelves or gaining access to self-help kiosks because of the dimensions of these structures which are usually made for people with an average height of 5 feet. At the same time, the Americans with Disabilities Act puts an onus on retailers to provide online ordering and delivery, including curbside service. Curbside shopping allows you to order through an app or website.

Once the grocery list reaches the retailer, the customer can drive by, wait by the curb and get assistance with picking up their purchases. Curbside pickup is especially helpful for older people, people with mobility and vision problems and CoreView recognizes the value of automating this process, making it easier for both, your employees and customers.

Smart Sales Assistant is a Conversational AI-based solution that can be made accessible via a mobile app so that people with short stature can use them without depending on external help. It is able to empathize with the customer, reduce the administrative workload associated with arranging a curbside pickup, and guarantees a consistent brand experience. 


  • Helping them have a good shopping experience

If you want to give shoppers with disabilities a good shopping experience, automation is your best friend! AI can be used to run business workflows and decisions that support interfaces specifically created to ensure that people with disabilities have a good shopping experience.


  • Creating better experiences for those with physical disabilities

CoreView is dedicated to helping create a better experience for all its customers. This includes people with dwarfism, vision disability, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and mobility disability. The goal is to ensure that automation improves the quality of life and not diminish it.


  • Conversational AI and customer experience

A good conversational user interface is adaptive and intuitive to its user’s needs. This is especially important when you’re creating experiences that are inclusive and account for the needs of those with disabilities. It helps avoid misunderstandings and quell any frustrations that customers may have. With Conversational AI, individuals with disabilities can be guaranteed an improved customer experience.

While doing a deep dive into data engineering, CoreView considers different abilities to ensure that their solution works for everyone retailers and their customers. CoreView recognizes the commercial, technical and empathetic need to use adaptive technology like Conversational AI as the norm and not the exception. Give us a holler at  for a free strategic consultation. 

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