Team Up Competitors

Team Up Competitors

Team Up Competitors

“Earlier we talked about teaming up with people outside the organisation, you have given several examples. I think it’s doable. But how can I team up competitors? Won’t it be bad for my business?”

“Well, it could, not not always. There are situations where it can benefit both the parties when used properly.”

“Such as?”

Hmm. Here are some examples.”

• When Atul was about to bag an order, where he did not have enough people to execute, he teamed up with us to provide him the required help. Yes, it did have an impact on his profits, but he got the relationship going, and built a much bigger business over time.

• When Rahul was facing challenges in scaling his product, he reached out to us asking for help, we did resolve the issue together.

• When Rashmi wanted to travel to the USA and meet some of her prospects, she did not have enough budget for the trip. She took up a consulting assignment from another firm, allowing her to reduce the burden on cash.

This is not an all inclusive list. If you evaluate every challenge from this perspective, you will find some more ways.

Do you remember any situation where you could collaborate with competition?

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