Be The Change

Be The Change

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In this world full of uncertainty and fierce competition, everyone in the organization needs to be #responsive. Being responsive means the ability to change your direction/actions based on changing #environment. It requires being #aware of the changes and also includes making other team members aware of what has changed.

A natural next step for reacting to change is to drive the #change. For that one needs to be responsible. Taking #responsibility requires courage, #commitment to listen, understand the complexity of issues, proactively evaluate solutions and take action based on core values.

With maturity, the responsibility extends into #accountability. Accountability means taking up the responsibility of results, not just actions. The attitude “I did my job, now I don’t care what happens” will not result in the best results.

The funny part is, in the constantly changing environment the goals keep shifting. Defining what is the next expected result, making sure that everyone in the #team understands it, supporting and motivating them to achieve it is a continuous process.

To make it happen one needs to be #responsive, are we coming back full circle?

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