The Startup’s guide to identifying and solving customer problems

The Startup’s guide to identifying and solving customer problems

identifying the problems customer haveWith the addition of Sangram to our team, our weekly meetings have started to be more interesting. This time Yash and Sangram came up with several ideas, product features, and an initial plan for the implementation.

“This looks, perfect guys. All the best, get going.” This was just the beginning of a great journey going forward. “Just one small question. “What is our probable customers saying about these features?”

“I plan to meet some of the prospects when I have something that works. It will be better to show something and get feedback. Isn’t it?” Sangram replied.

“It could be a few months before you have something worth showing. Do you really want to wait that long? Your efforts may be wasted if it is not a priority for them.”

In a startup that operates with minimum resources, it is always better to be engaged and obtain feedback from potential users. It is not really required to have a working product. One can always discuss ideas and possible solutions before they are built.

The common mistake is to think that you need to have something built to get feedback. But it’s another way around – you should ask what users want and then build it. That’s how you avoid the later pain of finding a product-market fit.

Never stop listening to your customers. They are the ones who should drive the product development.

How often do you talk to potential users?

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