Open AI’s New ChatGPT

Open AI’s New ChatGPT

Open AI's New ChatGPT
“Kapil, I think I should work on my retirement plan.” I was talking to my best friend Kapil, who is an entrepreneur running multiple companies.

“Isn’t that too early? What makes you think like that?” Kapil was a bit surprised.

“I came across this new service called ChatGPT. This can answer almost any question you may have, based on the knowledge collected from all over the world.” Was my answer. “Do you really need my advice going forward?”

“You must be joking Makarand. I have seen ChatGPT. I have tried out a few things. It opens up so many new possibilities and is promising for sure. But certainly it can not replace the wisdom that comes from real life experience or life-changing advice that is possible only when you know someone inside out in real life. So for me, you will still be the best person to seek advice from, rather than relying on a computer program:)

By the way, on the adoption side, I am already thinking about how I can use their API in my product. Do you think it is a good idea?”

Any new technology that shows up on the horizon, can be seen as a disaster by some, and as an opportunity by others. Neither of them are right or wrong. How long that new technology will last, and how it will be used by the world is anybody’s guess. At least that has been my past experience.

Have you explored ChatGPT?

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