What makes GPT-4 better than GPT 3.5

What makes GPT-4 better than GPT 3.5

1. GPT-4 is More Fluent and Articulate :
GPT-4 understands different dialects and emotional expressions. It can sensitively recognize and respond to users’ emotions, making the interaction genuine. It overcomes challenges associated with dialects and accurately interprets the text in regional or cultural language variations.

2. GPT-4 Has More Information Synthesis Capabilities :
GPT-4 can synthesize information from multiple sources to answer complex questions, while GPT-3.5 may need help to connect the dots. Its comprehensive and nuanced answers cite different studies and sources. GPT-4 also includes a feature that correctly quotes sources when generating text, ensuring the accuracy of the information presented.

3. Creativity And Coherence :
GPT-4 outshines GPT-3.5 in generating creative content with improved coherence and creativity, such as stories, poems, or essays. It can develop a well-developed plot and character in a short story, while GPT-3.5 may lack consistency and coherence.

4. Advanced Problem-Solving Capabilities :
GPT-4 excels in solving complex math and science problems, surpassing GPT-3.5. It can efficiently process complex concepts, solve equations, analyze scientific texts, and handle subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. With further technological advancements, it’s expected to continue expanding its capabilities.

5. Enhanced Programming Power :
The programming prowess of GPT-4 has taken social media by storm, impressing software developers with its ability to generate and debug code more efficiently than its predecessor. With GPT-4’s help, weeks of work can be accomplished in record time, providing remarkable results in just a few hours.

6. The Language Model That Can Understand Images :
GPT-4 analyzes images and text, distinguishing it from GPT-3.5. It describes pictures, interprets graphs, and creates image captions, making it ideal for content creation and education. Integration with platforms like Google Analytics or Matomo generates highly accurate analytics reports in minutes.

7. Enhances Ethics and Reduces Inappropriate Responses :
GPT-4 ensures ethical and reliable content with advanced techniques, including debiasing and human oversight. This reduces inappropriate or biased responses, making it a trustworthy AI companion.

8. Parameters
Although GPT 4 and GPT 3.5 have the same data cutoff date of September 2021, they differ in parameters. ChatGPT-4 has 175 billion parameters, larger than the 13.5 billion parameters of ChatGPT-3.

9. Where can GPT go Next? :
GPT’s future directions include multilingual text generation, unbiased data incorporation, and audio/video analysis. As technology advances, GPT will evolve to create new possibilities for AI-assisted communication, education, and problem-solving.

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