Screwdriver to Push a Pin?

Screwdriver to Push a Pin?


“Oh! Why are you using the handle of the screwdriver to push this pin? You should be using a hammer, isn’t it?”

Several times products are used for a purpose that was never intended during development.

“First of all, it saves me time, otherwise I have to waste time switching the tool, also this pin needs to be pushed gently, and using a hammer will create more pressure than what is needed” came back a prompt answer.

And several times there is a good reason behind it.

Tata Indica was supposed to be a family car, however soon after it was launched, it became famous as a commercial transport vehicle, or a Taxi. And that started having an impact on the product performance.

How will you respond to this situation?

1. Educate the customer about the intended use of the tool.

2. Modify the tool to make it more useful for real use.

3. Create another tool that will work as intended.

4. All of the above.

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