What do you do in case of many Alternatives?

What do you do in case of many Alternatives?


When you have many #alternatives, what is the #best way of doing something?

In a recent discussion about maintaining #security of our private #network, the team was discussing the best possible way to set up the configuration. Swanand had to configure the firewall, with more than one WAN links, multiple internal subnets, load balancing, #VPN access to external users, and protection against possible #WAN link failures were some of the #key issues being discussed.

There are multiple ways to do it, and as always each has its pros and cons. During the discussions a lot of suggestions came from other members. There were alternatives, arguments, agreements and disputes. All options were evaluated and a plan emerged. The #plan was evaluated against all possibilities, and any #loopholes found were bridged.

When Swanand concluded on his plan, the main thought in his mind was – “Since I am #responsible for what I am doing, I must do what I think is right.”

Which way do you choose, when there are two ways to do it right, and both are correct?

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