Employee Story – Sanatan

Employee Story – Sanatan


I joined #CoreViewsystems after a 3-year break from IT. Though I had a lot of development experience earlier, it was rusty. During these 3 years, I was running a different business, which provided me the exposure of interacting with different people. Getting back into software development was a challenge.

During the selection process at CoreView, I was able to demonstrate my abilities to solve problems & people handling skills. It was very well received by the interviewers. I got the opportunity and the support to redevelop my software skills. With the help of my entrepreneurial skills coupled with my technical skills, within 6 months, I was able to manage a complete release. My confidence increased, which allowed me to take up more responsibilities. Now I handle the entire engineering part of a flagship product for my customer.

Technical knowledge is very essential but it is not enough. An attitude to learn new things matters more. This attitude helped me to learn newer technologies like WPF and Node JS.

Work ethics and mindset set by the leadership really inspire me. I am thankful that at CoreView Systems Private Limited these things are valued and nurtured because of which I got this opportunity to develop and grow further. Sanatan Waghulkar

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