Successful Growth Requires Adaptable Leadership

Successful Growth Requires Adaptable Leadership

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“Makarand, isn’t it better to lead from the front? I have always enjoyed that. It gives you a clear visibility of what is next. You can take immediate actions and the impact can be measured rather quickly. You have been asking me to change the leadership style, that makes me uncomfortable.” Satish’s organization was growing like a wildfire. His approach of providing services that were backed by a solid platform was the best answer for his customers.

“Satish, a different leadership style is required during different phases of growth. Your company is no longer a small one. You can’t be present in every thing that is happening around. That is just impossible.”

Check this out. A car is driven by the driver in the front seat. In case of any obstacles, the driver makes quick decisions on his own and continues the journey.

However a train is controlled from a control room that is located far away from the train. The driver is trained and instructed to follow the signals from the control room. In case of any abnormal situation, the driver makes immediate decisions to contain the situation, and relays all information back to the control room, for next actions.

As the organization grows, the top leadership needs to take decisions based on their vision. The decisions have long lasting impacts on a large number of people. A leadership style change is a must.

Have you started leading from the vision?

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