Solve the problem before it even occurs

Solve the problem before it even occurs

SOlving a problem before it occurs


“All work is the avoidance of harder work.” ? James Richardson

“The website was down after the automatic update, Ramesh jumped in as soon as he saw the problem and the site was up again within minutes. This saved us a potential loss of revenue.”

We were in the process of nominating team members for the employee of the month award. The leads get a special smile on their face when someone from their team gets this recognition. We would openly discuss the nominations and choose the best.

“I would like to upvote for Priti, this month. The module she developed had the least number of critical defects, found during system testing.”

The comment and reason for recognition caught my attention.

The act of solving a problem is easy to get noticed. The bigger the problem, higher is the award.

Those who put in efforts to avoid a problem in the first place, are difficult to get noticed. It takes real efforts to identify and recognize such heroes.

How do you recognize your heroes?

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