Technology Integration

#TechnologyIntegration is not just a buzzword anymore, but a key to rapid software product #development. How much code can you write yourself? The best code written ever is #nocodee“, because every time one writes a new line of code it has possibilities of having #bugs. In CoreView we have built hundreds of products and solutions that integrate well with … Continued

Updates… Updates!!

  Daily? Weekly?… How often would you like to get a #status update? A #weekly update is a common practice that is followed by project groups. A status report submitted within the team is a good practice, for the knowledge of #team members. However, when #customers frequently get email updates, they end up being unread. So, what is the right #time to update your customer … Continued


  “Hey, how do I go and speak to the #CEO?” Asked a new joiner “Oh it’s not a big deal, just check that he is not busy, knock on the door and you’ll be let in!” “But… he is the CEO! Should I speak to someone else?” “Haha, it’s not required! We have a flat #hierarchy, … Continued

Be The Change

  In this world full of uncertainty and fierce competition, everyone in the organization needs to be #responsive. Being responsive means ability to change your direction / actions based on changing #environment. It requires being #aware of the changes, and also includes making other team members aware of what has changed. A natural next step for reacting to change … Continued

Employee Story – Pranav Nerlekar

  After completing my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications I joined Coreview as a #fresher, as a #Tester 🙂 Yup, I switched my field and it completely changed my life. My family members are also in the IT Industry, so family support was a given and this #opportunity at Coreview was a game-changer for me. Having been in this role … Continued

Employee Story – Chandrakala

  I joined #CoreView as an expert Technical Recruiter. I was pleasantly surprised when I was presented with much wider roles and opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Other than the regular interactions that I was used to doing, I started to interact with technical panel members, connect with consultants, take care of walk-in drives … Continued

Employee Story – Nihar

  “You also have to be a good #researcher to be a good #datascientist.” I didn’t know this 2 years ago, in fact, I had no #experience as a Data Scientist back then. CoreView helped me by giving relevant #training and assigning relevant #projects. These projects were not easy, they were very challenging but it improved my #technical competence. The best part is when you … Continued

No one is born with a silver spoon!

  Providing the right #opportunities to those who want to excel in life is an important part of the success of #CoreView. No one is born with a silver spoon, hard work can move you towards #success, still, not everyone becomes successful in life. What you need the most is the drive to succeed along with the ability to … Continued

New Office!!

  This week has been a #revolutionary #week for us. After almost one year, we have started meeting each other in our #new #office. We all still remember the last day in our #old #office. Almost one year ago, we said “bye” to each other not knowing, when we will get a chance to meet again in person. Very little time was … Continued

New Employee Story – Rajnandini

  Who would have thought that within 2 weeks of joining I’d start loving this company!? Coreview is a great place to work. I feel so #lucky to be getting this opportunity because I know for a fact that working with Coreview will help me grow professionally and technically. The entire #interview process was pretty fast and smooth, thanks … Continued