Failures, more important for Growth, than Success

  Recently, I have been writing regularly for our Company. I enjoyed writing about some success stories of our company. Every company has success and failure stories. I believe it’s enjoyable to write about success stories, but it’s not easy to write about something that you have failed in. It’s like writing your own failure … Continued

Giving up is not an option

  Just a few days back, the team was discussing about how a certain thing can be achieved using GoLang. As such anything can be done in any programming language, however how we do a specific thing in GoLang can differ from other languages. There was very heated discussion, as the same thing could be … Continued

Enabling customers to create innovative security solutions

  Getting attacked by a malicious software is a nightmare. They are not only highly difficult to cure, but the thought that they can show up any day, anywhere is a cause for sleepless nights. The attackers are getting more and more sophisticated and intelligent. They are also getting very destructive and disruptive, using large … Continued

New Employee Story

  Who would have thought that within 2 weeks of joining I’d start loving this company!? Coreview is a great place to work. I feel so #lucky to be getting this opportunity because I know for a fact that working with Coreview will help me grow professionally and technically. The entire #interview process was pretty fast and smooth, thanks … Continued

What makes you Unique?

  “Makarand, we have been doing it this way for years, it has been working well for us, and that is what makes us unique in this business, we can’t change it.” I was talking to a prospective customer about the challenges she was facing in #modernizing their #technology stack. Modernization does not mean force-fitting the process to meet … Continued

What do you do in case of many Alternatives?

  When you have many #alternatives, what is the #best way of doing something? In a recent discussion about maintaining #security of our private #network, the team was discussing the best possible way to set up the configuration. Swanand had to configure the firewall, with more than one WAN links, multiple internal subnets, load balancing, #VPN access to external users, and protection against … Continued

Injecting Startup DNA, in an established Enterprise

  Startup DNA is focused on improving chances of success for any new business. So what is it go to do with a market leading, multi-billion dollar enterprise ? Well I have an interesting story to share, which connects the above two, which are otherwise miles apart. One of our customers (then … they were just … Continued

Employee Story

  Since the beginning of my career, I have always worked very hard and taken up #challenges individually. The work in CoreView provides me so many technical challenges and a lot of #opportunities to improve myself. I have handled #development work on multiple platforms simultaneously. Such challenges molded me into someone who can handle #pressure and #deliver the #best. One of the most important things that … Continued

Women Power

  About a couple of weeks back, #AirIndia reported their longest commercial flight in the world from San Francisco to Bengaluru, covering a distance of 13,993 km non stop over the #northpole. The #flight was manned by (Shall I say womanned by ?) an all #woman crew consisting of Captain Zoya Aggarwal, Captain Papagari Thanmai, Captain Akansha Sonaware and Captain Shivani Manhas. … Continued

How do you define ‘Done’?

  How do you define ‘Done’? The definition of when to say something is done, will vary a lot based on the person who is answering the question. More about that in a different post later. What I want to talk about today is the eagerness to take the credit and get #publicity. Many times getting … Continued