Using modern technology to scale customer experience, faster

Using modern technology to scale customer experience, faster

Using Conversational AI to boost Customer Experiences

It’s been a couple of years, the pandemic is around; disrupting the age-old and opening up new avenues for virtualization and digitalization of human lives.

Businesses these days are seeking digitalization at scale; with the increasing need for automation and efficient workflows. About 60% of businesses have pursued a complete digital rehaul due to the pandemic.

Retail, a highly scalable industry holding a global market value of nearly $23 trillion and is expected to reach $29 trillion by 2025. Retail did suffer during the pandemic; effective counter strategies and modern tech saved it from syncing.

Customer Experience has got a crucial role to play when we talk Retail!

With technology making it easier to serve the customers; offering a competitive edge has become the virtue for survival.

According to the latest study, 54% of retailers agree that Customer Experience is their major area of focus for scaling their business to the next level.

Let’s discuss how modern-day technology can help retailers deploy great customer experience at scale.

How modern-tech can help to scale the customer experience?

When one talks about doing something at scale, we hear automation! It goes in harmony, indeed.

Automation may help with costs, workflow management, but it can also be alienating, especially in a pandemic when most humans feel isolated, lonely, and cut off from the rest of the world.

To make it sensible and effective, the technology you choose to design one has to be reliable and convincing.

Consumers are now looking to have meaningful interactions online, even if it involves returning a sweater or buying a new router. They don’t want to interact with some dumb technology that would never understand what a customer wants!

Consumers today want something more real, in other words, human!

How can retailers get over this massive block?

By creating a better customer experience. How can they do that? By showing that they care. But the data is massive, and the market segments are endless.

With Conversational AI like a virtual sales assistant, you can leverage the data to understand the customer base and gain insights from past interactions.

Conversational AI has the real potential to craft personalized conversations with customers, chart a significant bump in conversions in a limited period. In the long haul, it increases the customer lifetime value and helps build trust and brand loyalty.

Adopting Conversational AI to bring in automation in Retail Customer Experience

Conversational AI is not just another user interface; it’s a complete game-changer for creating an impactful Customer Experience at scale.

Unlike any other business, Retail businesses have a wide range of SKUs to deal with.

Setting up an automation workflow for a model with that huge number of SKUs is a challenge in itself; but, not with Conversational AI.

Using natural language processing, a Conversational AI-based virtual sales assistant can learn from customer interactions and continuously improve its ability to resolve problems.

This real-time fine-tuning helps customers by:

  • understanding the tonality of human language and emotions/sentiments and providing them an appropriate yet personalized response;
  • handling complex requests and only re-clarifying when necessary as opposed to seeking it as a standard function;
  • using past and current interactions to quickly identify the right product for them from an expansive catalog base;
  • being available 24×7, with no limitations like holidays and office hours;
  • providing multimedia support like speech to text functions, video functions; and
  • scheduling pickups and drops, helping them with submitting claims.

With modern-day technology like Conversational AI-based Virtual Sales Assistants, it’s now possible to take the Customer Experience to the next level and scale like never before.

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