Chats, Conversations and Customer Experience

Chats, Conversations and Customer Experience

Chats vs Conversations

“What is the difference between a chat and a conversation? How is conversational AI different from a chatbot?”

“Well, in general chat refers to an informal interaction, while a conversation is a more serious matter and requires involvement from both sides.”

“It’s not so much about the dictionary definition.”

“When you visit a superstore, do you really look forward to an interaction with a salesperson, who keeps interfering, asks irrelevant questions, and keeps pushing you to buy items you won’t need?”

“Or would you talk to someone who helps you to buy what you really need, tries to understand your expectations, and also provides options based on your budget? And what if the salesperson provides you the bargain offers or savings based on your needs?”

“Is that a question? I always go to a superstore which has helpful sales assistants.”

“That is exactly what you will make available online. Won’t you?”

“it’s more like a dream, I haven’t seen anything that works perfectly the way I want.”

“That’s right. The intelligence develops over time, every day you move closer to your dream.”

“Won’t you start somewhere?”

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