5 simple tips to scale your business

5 simple tips to scale your business


5 simple tips to scale your business

It was fun meeting Raj after a few months. Raj was in charge of the sales function and was doing extremely well. He was excellent in making new friends and maintaining excellent relations. Raj was excited by the possibility of running own business and started one at the first opportunity. No doubt he was able to fetch a significant amount of business.

“Makarand, there is a huge demand in the market and I am able to fetch a lot of leads, still my business is not growing at the speed I would like to see.”

“Let’s evaluate. Where do you think is the bottleneck?”

We inspected a number of places where a bottleneck is possible.

• Are the leads of good quality? Just having more leads is not good, they should be in line with the business that can be serviced.
• Are the leads resulting in long term business relationships? Having short term customers means more churn in the delivery process.
• Is the delivery organization and the delivery process scaling to meet the requirements.
• Is the business having enough working capital required for growth?
• Are the relevant staff members motivated by the growth?

One important aspect of scaling business that can be easily missed is collaborating with competitors. This is particularly useful when the opportunity lies on the periphery of core business.

Have you faced any of these challenges?

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