Keeping track of Non-Tangible Things

Keeping track of Non-Tangible Things


tracking non tangible things

“Makarand, this new development work I am handling is very delicate. I think it is going to break at several places.” Ritu was a new entrant in the delivery team. Great that she was very enthusiastic and willing to drive for perfection.

“Yes, you are right, anything that can fail will fail. That is exactly why we need someone like you to take care of it. What are your views on avoiding the issues?” Was my response.

“Here is a list of things I need to track on a regular basis. These are not the tasks, these are the things that can fail.”

“The list looks great. In addition to these, please watch for the time lost in communication. Many times people are waiting to hear for each other, and that causes delays that are difficult to account for. Another thing to check for is vacation plans. Since the team members are dispersed, they may not be aware of some team members missing at certain times.”

It’s simple to track things that have a visual impact or that can be measured. It is easy to miss out on other things.

How do you track things that are not tangible?

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