Organization growth-Things to consider

Organization growth-Things to consider

Things to consider when an Organization Grows Rapidly

“My organisation is very nimble, and I have to keep changing things regularly in response to the customer requirements.” Amit was right in his argument. Any organization growth will change based on many external factors, customers are the most important ones.

When the senior leadership keeps changing the path, the people at lower levels need to understand the reasons and the impact of the change.

The time it takes to make the change effective will depend on the size of the organization. The leader’s ability to think about the long term impact plays a very important role in scaling the organisation. The one who depends on instant changes and insists on seeing an immediate change will not be effective in running a larger organisation.

Here are some things to consider when the organizations grows rapidly

• Have a clearly defined vision and mission. Write it down and make it known to every employee. Ensure that the changes you are making are in line with the vision. Frequent deviation from the defined vision can lead to chaotic growth.
• Work on preparing the next line in command. Involve them in evaluation and implementation of the change
• Get external help, it helps to work with newer vendors who can support you in the growth.
• Get advice from people who have done it before. Every situation is unique, so make your own evaluation of the advice given, before following.

At a certain point the leader clearly sees the inability to manage the growth. The proven effective way to manage this situation is to transfer the responsibility to someone else, who may be better suited.

Are you facing growth challenges?

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