The secret to remaining calm in stressful situations

The secret to remaining calm in stressful situations


“It has been more than a few months now. The product is not taking the shape it should. I am waiting and getting nervous in the process.”

“Cool down Yash. Your anxiety is quite visible. What are you doing about it?”

“There is not much I can do. I am waiting for the team to deliver on their promise. I wish I could write some code myself and move it faster.”

It is very natural to feel anxious while waiting. Mainly when you can’t do much about the wait.

There are some definite health benefits of peace of mind. Going beyond personal gains, it is extremely important for a leader to stay calm and focused.

A stressed mind, cannot evaluate all options properly, which can lead to less optimal decisions. Remember, your decisions affect many others.

Your calmness is visible to your team members in your behavior, interactions, decisions, and actions. The calmness builds trust.

Anxiety is contagious. An anxious leader can make the whole team restless, leading to multiple problems.

Staying calm does not mean moving slowly. The right leader knows the difference.

How do you remain calm in a stressed situation?

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