National Safety Week

National Safety Week

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The week of March 4th to March 11th every year is celebrated as National #Safety Week in India for last fifty years.
The concept of #industrial safety evolved much before the software industry. As a result, the efforts are majorly focused on personal safety during work. This year the focus is on road safety and it involves a much wider population. The efforts are required throughout the year; however, the week is to create awareness.
Most of the industries take this safety week seriously and arrange competitions, posters and many activities. However, the efforts of software as well as the #retail industry are not visible as yet.
With #online #shopping and home #deliveries of almost everything, the retail has become as pervasive as software. The competition to deliver in time, is no longer limited to Pizzas. Also, the size of items delivered varies.
Software has started penetrating in many aspects of human life, and it has an impact on personal safety. With software embedded in so many devices that move along with humans, should this aspect be not emphasised?
The latest techniques using artificial intelligence #aii) and machine learning #mll) can be applied to detect and prevent the possibility of hazardous events.
What are your views on using software for safety? #ceotalks

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