Now more than ever, there’s a need to update!

Due to COVID-19, there has been a huge change in customer behavior, and more unknown changes are yet to happen. Such an impact on the retail industry makes it even more important to shift to more innovative and powerful solutions.
Quick solutions are needed to get over short term impact. However, in the long run, significant changes to the supporting systems will be required, and the use of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


  • Accurate AI-based demand forecasting

  • Real-time delivery of intelligent and enhanced customer experience

  • Increased level of efficiency in operations

  • Seamless shopping experience with smart checkout

  • Chatbots for customer assistance

  • Smart inventory management



  • Contactless Customer Support

  • 24 x 7 support 

  • Consistent and Delightful Customer experience

  • 50% Saving on Opex

  • 75% Faster Resolution

  • 25% Higher Customer Satisfaction


  • Lead scoring and nurturing

  • Scheduling support

  • Contact analytics

  • Sales forecasting

  • Opportunity scoring and guided selling



For the optimal utilization of the available funds, tracking the ROI on Television Ad Spend it crucial for the Retail business. This enables clients to track their ROI and other expenses which helps them understand the impact on buying patterns and make better decisions hence being more profitable.

Accurate Airing Times:

Measuring the exact airing time of a TV Ad allows the advertiser to correctly identify and attribute the visit or conversion uplift to the right TV channel and creative.

Accurate Attribution: 

Accurate attribution algorithms calculate:

  • Individual attribution window / TV Ad airing
  • Individual baseline / TV Ad airing
  • The correct attribution when TV airings overlap

Channel Coverage:

Measurement of all relevant TV networks and channels is done to receive the complete results of the TV campaign analysis.

Business Benefits:

  • More bandwidth to optimize TV buy instead of committing to fixed budgets
  • Activation of bigger budgets on ROI proved targets with the help of insights from test campaigns
  • Airing of the best performing creatives based on short test campaigns


Automation and integration of Manufacturing-Procurement-to-Orders workflows are essential to quickly establish a presence in new e-marketplaces. Building and maintaining IT infrastructures and ensuring great customer satisfaction is equally important to support business growth in the retail industry.


Processes like Inventory Management, Customer Feedback Management are automated using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Architecture and Design

Architecture and design of a uniform customer-centric service are created which are then applied across disparate marketplaces, with the relevant functionalities.

Future Proof Integration

Integration with online markets can be challenging especially with continuously changing e-marketplaces. Integration for various e-marketplaces like AWS, Flipkart, NewEgg, and Walmart is done which is future proof.

Action Hooks

Customization of action hooks on key online events like orders, refunds, etc.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customers and their experience with our products and services are crucial for the success of our business. To understand our customer’s sentiments and provide a better experience, Customer Sentiment Analysis is done. AI/ML is used to provide insights from customer data, such as- emails, feedback, social media pages, etc.

Business Benefits:

  • Increased bandwidth to focus on the core (non-IT) value proposition of the business
  • State of the art, Internationalized, single solution working across multiple global markets
  • Easier expansion across the globe
  • Confidence in the Global Customer Support team to deliver a better customer experience
  • Best ever customer satisfaction ratings (4.5/5) on online markets like Amazon
  • Consolidated view of the business across different market-places
  • Get insights in real-time but also helps businesses take intelligent decisions and hence improves the revenue.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction


Reduction in production downtime and increased operational efficiency is very important to save time and money in the Retail Industry. Digital transformation solutions enable IoT based tracking of critical items, handling inward-outward shortages, efficient traffic routing at security, and much more.

Handling Emergency:

Usually, emergency situations can be hazardous. Since machines don’t have any way to send real-time signals, IoT is used to efficiently handle these situations. IoT provides a cloud-based monitoring solution to notify representatives on time and prevent any loss.

Tracking Production: 

Tracking the production of goods is a tedious task and can be prone to inaccuracies. IoT automates this tracking process and makes it easier to manage.

Procurement Tracking:

The procurement of goods is fully tracked. This makes it easy for the procurement team to make better demand and supply decisions.


Integration with RFID and GPS makes tracking of goods even more reliable. This not only works in harsh environments but can also be utilized for any size of goods.


Notifications and alerts are automated and are provided in real-time.

Data Analytics:

Using IoT opens unlimited opportunities for Data Analytics and it gathers a plethora of usable data.

Business Benefits:

  • Simple to use
  • Efficient handling of shortage situation
  • Reduced Chaos
  • Reduction in lead time
  • Save your Inventory cost
  • Easy tracking of point of failure


Retail companies often find it challenging to reduce production downtime and Inventory cost. This can be easily addressed by implementing advanced techniques like – Seven-factor inventory analysis and Machine Learning-based Forecasting.


Analyses each and every item in your store


Predicts when to buy and how much

Critical Reports:

Identify critical items among thousands of store item


Items associated with a product id or a Project BOM tracked as a group

Inventory Management:

Helps establish optimum levels for each item.

Business Benefits:

  • Save your Inventory cost
  • Save purchasing cost
  • Help in reducing production downtime
  • Smart Storage – Highlights top
  • 10% of your critical items that should be focused


  • A unique combination of Engineering and Data Science

  • Focus on End Users – Customer’s Customer

  • Well Managed Execution – Effective Communication and Reporting

  • Quality – Engineering Is the Gatekeeper

  • Enterprise Grade


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