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COVID-19 forced digital transformation to move at an unprecedented rate, by some estimates fast-forwarding consumer and digital business adoption by five years in just eight weeks
Don't fall back to catch the competition. Turn the technology on your side and claim your leadership in the marketplace.

Coreview helps Retail CIOs to drive Digital Transformation across their organization, to Build Competitive Advantage and Stay ahead of the Game - to WIN!


Adapt to the fast changing consumer and market behavior by gaining insights & responding to it quickly. 


Introduce innovation in the existing workflows and processes to bring in more efficiency and profitability.


Lead the change by being proactive in implementing changes that improve customer experience and leverage technology.

Technology on YOUR Side.

Smart Chat-Bot to Improve Customer Service

Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a web page takes to load. If you want people to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up.

Personalized Sales-Assistant

Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a web page takes to load. If you want people to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up.

AMP offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere -- on ads, landing pages or your entire website.

Solutions Transforming Retail

Here are some of the Smart Solutions that are changing the Game of Retail Leadership

Emotion Analysis

Identifying your customer's emotions is critical for delivering top notch customer service.

AI/ML can help to detect the customer sentiments from their emails and body language, and alert the agents for appropriate actions quickly.

Demand Forecasting

Changing trends for every season creates new challenges for the industry to identify the right stock.

With the help of Customer's response to Social Media posts, and past data, we can predict where the wind is flowing.

Queue-less Checkouts

Standing on long queues for making your payments, is one of the key reasons behind abandoned carts.

With easy to pay mechanisms, customers can directly pay after shopping, without standing in long queues.

Personalized Offers

An offer that reads to generic is the worst copy someone can get in modern days, resulting in very low engagement & conversions.

AI/ML can help to identify the interests of your customers with their previous buying history, and craft compelling & relevant personalized offers they will jump on.

Single Window Marketplace

Moving from one place to another, to identify the right person to address a problem, is a nightmare for every customer looking for help.

With all your customer related data synced into one platform, AI/ML can bring smooth and painless user experience, making them happy.

Virtual Trial Rooms

With contact-less and social distancing being the 'new normal', trying on the dress you liked or shade of lipstick you want to try, has become a big hindrance in the buying experience.

Virtual try-on and virtual trial rooms can help solve this with more effectively while giving more choices, resulting in increased sales.

Faster Delivery/Returns

Last mile delivery can be the most critical part of a successful transaction and often become an important aspect in customer satisfaction.

AI/ML can help to optimize the warehouse locations, inventory management and efficiency of supply chain to assure faster deliveries and returns to make the customer happy, wanting to buy again from you.

On Demand Inventory

While keeping your stocks in the warehouses is an absolute requirement to ensure fulfillment, the last thing that you really want it to do is - sit there.

Dead inventory costs $50 Billion to the US Fashion industry every year.  With AI/ML you can optimize your inventory to ensure that you predict the demand well, and organize it just in time to minimize the dead stock. 

Auto Threat Detection

The online transactions and activities have surged like never before. This becomes another area of challenge to ensure security of your customer's data to ensure their privacy.

AI/ML can help to identify the malware and other security gaps in your systems easily and provide pro-active alerts to safeguard your systems.

Retail CIO Guides

Up Your Game by using these breakthrough guides that will empower you to make an impact!

Smart Solutions that are changing the Game of Retail.

To drive the transformation, you need Smart Solutions that leverage modern technology capabilities.

Download this guide to discover various breakthrough technologies that are benefiting the retail CIOs to drive innovation and transformation.

What Our Clients Praise us for?


What we love about Coreview is their ability to provide valuable suggestions.

John Clarke


Coreview built us the best breed of SAAS platform to help us realize our vision.

Sanjay Katkar
Quick Heal

Client Success Story:
Enabling “New Retail” and Business Innovation

To drive a high level of customer delight, KINIVO required to respond fast to their customer's orders and complaints both, across the multiple marketplaces they were selling.

Coreview helped them to build a single dashboard view of their entire operations with integrated warehouses and delivery to optimize their service speed by 61%


Helped to optimize the inventory by smart assessment, that brings $3.2 Million in annual savings with just-in-time procurement.


We helped Kinivo to consolidate their customer data from across 21 market places to bring efficiency.

It resulted into 34% increase in customer retention with 64% faster delivery.


We helped QuickHeal to build auto-malware detector that scans 75000 files/hour to identify and classify threats.

It saved them 325 man hours per day, and improved accuracy by 72%.


The advanced trend prediction helps HP to identify the right models of their electronics products to prioritize in manufacturing saving millions of dollars.

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