Way to Teaming with Outsiders.

Way to Teaming with Outsiders.

Teaming with Outsiders

“Makarand, you have shared your views about teaming up with people outside the company. I have some thoughts on how I can take it forward. What has been your experience? How did you make it effective?”

“Sure, here are some examples of the things I tried.”

• Working with mentors who work with multiple companies.
• Joining forums like Tie, and networking with other entrepreneurs.
• Attending training courses where other people working in similar capacity are likely to attend.
• Keeping in touch with potential future investors.
• Attending marketing events conducted by your vendors.

In my experience, the most effective way is to directly interact with other entrepreneurs and seek advice. I am yet to find a CXO level person who is not willing to help.

Have I missed anything?
What is your experience with such interactions?

It’s a bit short, only 844 characters. Any thoughts on what more to add?

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