Clarity for the Leadership

Clarity for the Leadership

clarity for the leadership

“I can see a gap between what formal education provides and what the industry really needs. I want to bridge that gap, so that more and more students can find their dream jobs easily.” I was talking to Pranav Brahme about the secret behind his success. I could read the passion in his voice.

In a small organization, most of the business decisions are taken by the leadership team, and it’s easy to remain on track. As the organization starts growing, a hierarchy of decision makers becomes unavoidable. The speed of decision making becomes a critical factor for success.

The doers are busy “doing” what they need to do and the team leads are guiding them on “how” to do it; the management is providing guidance on “what” needs to be done. Empowering people at all levels to make decisions just by “allowing” them to do what they think is right can lead to disasters. There has to be enough guidance on what is right.

The decision making process at all these levels becomes harmonious and gets the desired results when they have clarity about “why” they are doing something.

Do you have the clarity on “why” of your business?

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