Why it’s important to be ethical even in a startup

Why it’s important to be ethical even in a startup

Is it An Ethical Startup?

Startups are under pressure to deliver on many fronts. They need to make sure they have excellent value preposition, They are in hurry to take their solution to the market as soon as possible, and they are working hard on getting the funding and keeping the company afloat from month to month.

In this day to day nitty-gritty, the startups are given the benefit of doubt when it comes to running an ethical company. But being ethical is at the core of any enterprise, be it small or large, just started or an older one.

There are two aspects to a startup being called ethical. One aspect is about running ethical business practices and making sure that all the conduct and transactions are ethical, and the second is fulfilling the social responsibilities of an enterprise.

In today’s world, it makes perfect business sense to run an ethical startup.  Today’s buyer is more aware of the social responsibilities; all things being equal they will choose to take their business to an ethical company.

On the other hand, the young talent also selects their employer based on the ethical practices, Top talent surely wants to work in socially responsible companies.

Considering this double advantage, let’s look at what can be done to build an ethical startup in the next post.

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