Considerations for using JWT tokens- Part 1

Considerations for using JWT tokens- Part 1

JWT tokens

In the last post, we did mention that JWT tokens are gaining popularity these days. It’s the latest technology and is widely adopted by many well-known platforms. Having said that JWT, being a very recent technology also has its cons that need to be considered when taking the decision of using JWT tokens for Authentication.

JWT Tokens are offered compared to the well-established sessions for authentication. The biggest advantage JWT offer is the storage of the token on the client side. The server side need not remember/store anything associated with JWT tokens issued in past and can validate the tokens whenever received. Scaling with JWT on the face of it seems easily scalable, but a similar effect can definitely be achieved for Sessions.

Effectively by nature JWT tokens act as stateless. And Stateless tokens impose added challenges, for example, selectively invalidating the tokens in case of any suspicious activities mainly due to a lack of information about the token on the server side.

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