How to sense the world around you?

How to sense the world around you?

How To Sense The World Around You

“Ajay is back in action, this time with double energy. Your suggestions worked.” I could see the excitement on the face of Mangesh. “I need to find some way to avoid this in the future. I want all my team to be in good shape.”

“That is excellent. Any leader will want that. What do you plan to do?” This time I wanted Mangesh to think and come up with suggestions.

“I already have a plan.” Mangesh did live up to my expectations. “I am going to talk to everyone in my team regularly about their work, their workload, and most importantly how they are enjoying their work. I will prepare a checklist of things I want to discuss.”

“Sounds like a plan. Remember, every employee in your team may not open up in front of you. This may not work for everyone.”

“Hmm, that’s a point, but not to worry, I have my own ways to find things. You don’t have to do everything yourself, right?”

Though machines have started emulating humans, humans are still humans, they cannot be treated like machines. Every person is different and needs to be treated as such. And the most reliable way to gauge something is to measure.

How do you sense these signals?

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