How do you prefer to measure the productivity?

How do you prefer to measure the productivity?

Productivity measure“Whenever I need to talk to you, you have never said no. When I send you a message, I always get a response back, almost any time of the day. How are you able to work such long hours? Can you give me some tips to improve productivity?”

The conversation started in a very interesting way. I was having lunch with a budding CEO, of a technology start-up.

“When one is up to something new and exciting, there is always more work than one can handle. There is definitely something wrong if one is not overwhelmed with work.” I explained.

“Productivity is not about how many hours you have worked. It’s about how effectively you spend that time. In fact, more productive people spend less time doing the same thing. Contrary to the belief that hard work is the root of success, it is efficiency that matters. How many hours you worked does not count, what you achieved in those hours does.”

“How about spending a little time upfront before doing anything; to find out ways to do the same thing a little faster?”

Do you measure your own productivity? And how?

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