Job change on mind?

Job change on mind?

Thinking about a job change



A job change is a very important event in the career of an engineer. As of today, there is a shortage of good engineers, and also an opportunity to find something that is right for you.

Although compensation is an important aspect from a candidate’s perspective, finding a good cultural match is equally important from the long-term perspective.

Those who like to work in a challenging environment and seeking fast career growth will find it very difficult to work in a mediocre and stable company.

I often compare the career graph to a train journey and a bike ride. A train journey is well-planned, offers a very smooth traveling experience, you are well aware of the travel path and the time when you are going to reach the destination.

On the other hand, the bike journey is a thrill.

You can decide your own path when to start when to reach, and you may have to make some “on the spot” decisions. If you like a spot on the way you can halt for some time, enjoy the journey.

A mismatch of cultural expectations can work out very expensive for you. First of all is the lost time, adding to it is the money, followed by unhappiness and delays in reaching your career goals. This chain can really pull you down.

Are you ready for a ride?

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