The Advent Calendar for a Successful Project

The Advent Calendar for a Successful Project

Six more days to go for Christmas! Everyone is counting days for the festivities to begin for the season that will go on till new year. I am sure you know about the Advent Calendar, an important part of the Christmas season. Beginning on the fourth Sunday before 25th, the advent calendar counts down to the days. Each day you open a window created for that day on the calendar, showing a message or a picture

It is a beautiful tradition building up anticipation, giving hope. A project delivery or a handover should also have its own countdown created – putting in all the unknowns, big problems at the start of the countdown, and then building on them adding more tasks, integrations, testing, deployment to lead to the D day! The tasks completed on the designated days would lead to a successful delivery and celebration.

And by the way do you know there is also Advent of Code being celebrated since 2015? An online Advent calendar where you find new programming puzzles offered each day from December 1 to 25. Its founded and maintained by Eric Wastl.

What geeky fun!

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