Dealing with office workload during vacation

Dealing with office workload during vacation

vacation with the laptop closed

“There is so much work pending, and my family has planned for this holiday. I am not sure what to do.” Dinesh approached me with his application for vacation. It is Christmas time, and many team members have some plan or the other for the new year celebration.

“So, what is the problem?”

“I do need this break, but I feel guilty to be missing from work when I am needed here so much. I am thinking of carrying my laptop with me so that I can jump in when required.” Dinesh was very apologetic that he had to go.

“Sounds good. You can take along the laptop, however, promise me that you would not open it unless there is a real fire. Those who are around in the office will not call you unless things get out of their control. Promise?”

There are times when people need to be away from work. Their families need them as well. For some, it is very difficult to be away from the office activity. Sometimes it is real work pressure, but many times it is fear of missing out (FOMO). Yes, and a few think that they do not have to call it a vacation day when they check for email when on vacation.

How do you deal with this yourself, as a manager?

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