The key to successful business: Having a clear vision

The key to successful business: Having a clear vision

having a clear vision

“I am thinking about the cofounder and the possible team. There are many options. But how can I choose the right people? I will not have a second chance in this case, very important to be right the first time.” Yash showed me a list of people he wanted to talk to.

“Great, before you start talking to people, you need to develop your idea and define the vision for your venture. It may be clear in your mind, however, you should be able to articulate it in the best possible way, to attract the right people.”

“Here is what I think.” Yash started talking about his idea and vision. We completed a couple of iterations before he could finalize what he wants to do.

For a startup to succeed, it is required to have the right idea, it is required to be able to sell the idea to your team, it is the excitement of achieving something big that encourages people to take big jumps. Only when the team has common goals and vision, they can align to get the best results.

What was your vision when you started your entrepreneurial journey?

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