How AI adoption is accelerating for startups

How AI adoption is accelerating for startups

AI adoption is accelerating for startups

Pandemic provided the catalyst required for the businesses to change the way they operated. Digitization, which many mainstream companies were just talking about on their road map has suddenly been accelerated.

This calamity accelerated the adoption of AI and analytics by established businesses. According to Harvard Business Review, 52% of companies have accelerated their AI adoption.  AI adoption is helping the enterprises to deal with the changing workforce conditions and Online purchasing habits of the customer.

AI and ML are seen mainly helping in the following areas

  1. Marketing and CRM management
  2. Recruiting
  3. Streamlining Supply chain

This shift is a great opportunity for Startups to bring their AIML skills to provide solutions in these areas. But startups can’t work standalone in these areas.

Startups would need to collaborate with the enterprises to work with the data that enterprises have and tailor the solution to their need.

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