Two Most Important Words for any business

Two Most Important Words for any business

Two Most Important Words for any business




Handling of undesired scenarios/events like product replacements/refunds plays a crucial part in defining the customer experience, especially when it comes to the most competitive industry – the E-commerce business.

This is where one of our customers decided to build their Differentiation, by providing unmatched customer satisfaction, with faster delivery and quick returns, while competing with millions of other sellers on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

They were selling on Amazon (NA, Canada, Japan, Europe), Walmart, Fry’s, Flipkart (India), and wanted to have a great customer experience across their business.

The challenge was that these marketplaces are like islands; self-sufficient, but disconnected from each other. This in turn also creates islands of small businesses being run on the marketplaces, where data, operations, workflows are disconnected between these islands.

eCommerce Solutions

The customer had to employ multiple hands to act as a bridge between these islands for consolidating finances, operations, workflows. This involves a lot of manual work of downloading data from all islands, creating multiple excel sheets, manual consolidations, creating dashboards, reports. This is all very time-consuming, error-prone, and non-scalable given that data from every marketplace is different in granularity, formats, capture mechanisms.

CoreView team studied the situation and came up with a state-of-the-art data engineering solution for Sam’s business, which provided a consolidated view and control of the entire business across all eCommerce marketplaces. This laid down the groundwork for delivering a seamless and exceptional customer experience at all customer interactions.

CoreView built a data repository, which was automatically kept up-to-date by ingesting data from all raw factual data from all eCommerce market channels. This raw Data was further cleaned and normalized to create a Data warehouse which consisted of data in a ready-to-consume format. This data platform powered all automated workflows like inventories, offer to reprice, replacements holistically on the complete business. It provided consolidated and detailed financial worksheets for the entire business, drilling down to an individual product across the market-places. Reports, Dashboards, monitoring, automated workflows, across the entire business were done from a single application.

Workflow automation for eCommerce

The framework prioritized and enabled Customer Satisfaction over pure process and workflow automation.

This resulted in a smooth, predictable order replacement workflow, which allowed the replacements to be automatically done from the current or nearby warehouses, in case of lack of inventories in the nearest warehouse. This involved less than 10% of manual intervention than earlier processes.

The raw data (customer tickets, feedback emails, social media, Q&A data) was further analyzed using NLP and Machine learning for customer sentiment and behavior analysis which allowed for effective and pro-active better Customer support leading to increased customer satisfaction.

An intelligent customer Support Chat-Bot enabled almost free-flowing conversations with customers, which used all the intelligence and automation in the platform to fire appropriate actions, open, update tickets. This allowed a 24x7x365 delightful and consistent after-sales service.


The result was crystal clear in the 4.8/5 Customer satisfaction rating on Amazon.

Customer Satisfaction ratings on Amazon

Together, we were on the right path. Customer Satisfaction is a continuous journey, not a destination. It has to be continuously refined, based on feedback.

We at CoreView believe that technology can become a great competitive advantage when deployed in Customer Satisfaction, to build a loyal customer base with high engagement and returns.

How do you leverage technology for attracting and engaging more customers?

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