Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction


It was a #Monday morning, and I was looking forward to another week packed with action. My calendar was full of meetings, and other unscheduled tasks.

My phone started ringing and I was surprised to see a #call from our newest #customer. After the initial greeting messages we jumped straight into a meaningful #conversation.

“I am pleasantly surprised with my interaction along with CoreView #team members. This is the first time I am working with people that take complete responsibility for solution delivery.”

Who will not like to hear #praise from a customer? As I started to hear more, he mentioned a few more things about CoreView.

Irrespective of whom I was talking to, I always got a complete update on the status of the projects, and not just “My Tasks”.
Even though there were some unavoidable changes in the team members and structure, the handover was seamless and the project was delivered on time.
I received some unexpected inputs on missing requirements, which I had not thought of.

I was not at all surprised, all these things are given, right?

In CoreView we take them for granted, But his earlier experience with many other vendors was different.

I am glad we were able to meet his expectations.

What is your experience?


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