Employee Story – Tejpal

Employee Story – Tejpal


I joined CoreView 7 years ago, as a fresher, and still recall the interview. It was a tough nut to crack! (all problem solving & logic) I can never forget a comment by the CEO of the company –

CoreView is a family. ?”

Since then we have together achieved great heights. My journey has been continuous learning through the challenges I have overcome. I have grown personally and professionally under the wonderful guidance of the CoreView leadership.

During Covid, we all moved to working from home. Initially it was great, but soon we realised the challenges. Frequent calls, small dependencies, distractions at home were irritations that started affecting us.

Management quickly understood and reacted. We tweaked our communication by weeding out unplanned calls, introducing core communication time & using open-communication channels.

We focused more on customer commitments than on the work timing and hours.

Had #coreviewsystems not allowed such flexibility, I would have never been able to manage home & office together since the arrival of my twins.

Cherry on the top has been our company video calls that keep all of us in touch, where we not only discuss the achievements of teams but also share personal experiences & add to each others’ happiness.?

Tejpal Borkar

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