No one is born with a silver spoon!

No one is born with a silver spoon!


Providing the right #opportunities to those who want to excel in life is an important part of the success of #CoreView.

No one is born with a silver spoon, hard work can move you towards #success, still, not everyone becomes successful in life.

What you need the most is the drive to succeed along with the ability to pick up the right opportunities based on your own #capabilities. In short your #attitude towards your work.

Many of the junior #employees and fresh graduate #interns working in CoreView are engineers from rural areas, and #engineering colleges that are remote from the main cities.

However, that does not stop them from being proactive#learning new things, picking up technology details, and develop a solution that will be the best fit for the problem.

Yes, agreed that #English language communication is a small problem to start with, but that is more of a mental block than a real problem. Once you are clear in mind that you are doing the right thing, there are many ways to #communicate and one of them will work for sure.

These employees have excelled in their #career far beyond many others.

What is your experience?

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